What is Games and Fun - Entertainment?

Games And Fun - Entertainment, or GAF for short, is a simple website where you can vote for your favorite games, anime, movies, and more. The goal is to bring in as many gamers to create a community where everyone can share their opinions about anything they want.

We chose “Games And Fun - Entertainment” for the acronym: GAF. It led us to the word ‘gaffer,’ the chief lighting technician on a movie set. It became the perfect word to depict the users visiting the site. After all, they would be shedding light on specific questions, such as “Who is the best electric-type Pokemon?”

Rules for Voting

Once you enter a Ladder post, the rules are simple. Upvote your favorite on the list to increase its rank, letting it rise above the rest. However, there is a twist. You can also Downvote to bring another item down if you disagree with its rank.

Now, the game commences as you compete with other gamers online to increase the rank of your favorite item. However, if you want to maintain the rank of your item, you’ll have to call in your friends to vote with you. So, are you ready to rise to the challenge?

About Us

We are a team of gamers, enthusiasts, and hobbyists with members from around the globe. One day, we decided on making two websites with the vision of becoming a community to share and discuss the things they like. One website was for the Esports scene, bringing the latest updates for games like Valorant and League of Legends. This website is for every game, hobby, and passion that can bring everyone together.

Here, we prioritize passion, creativity, and dedication to bring every reader the most fun possible.